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Primary developers:

Michael S. Gashler

Luke B. Godfrey

Stephen C. Ashmore

Generous support for development of Waffles has come from:

The Neural Networks and
Machine Learning Lab
The Predictive Modeling and
Machine Learning Lab
A Tesla K40 video card
was donated by NVIDIA

Individual Contributors:

Stephen AshmoreCreated neural nets demo. Fixed several bugs. Added experimental features.
Will BendickReported a compile issue with g++ 4.6 and helped fix it.
Andrew BorthwickFound a bug in the GDecisionTree class, added MIN_PREDICT feature.
Ashod DonikianFound bugs in GBayesianModelAveraging and GDiscretize.
Willem DuminyFixed some compiler warnings.
Helaman FergusonHelped me port it to build on Mac.
Desire' GashlerSeveral code refinements.
Jonas GehringContributed a patch to make it build with g++ 4.7.
Luke GodfreyAdded classes for time series analysis. Added convolutional layers.
Xiaobo GuFixed several Win64 compile issues.
Dmitriy KrylovMade a feature suggestion (GDom::writeJsonCpp) and made Waffles build on FreeBSD.
Olaf KrzikallaFixed a bug in KdTree_Compare_Nodes_Functor.
Seok LeeFound a bug in the time-stamp parser.
Tomasz LewowskiFixed a memory leak in GKMeans and a couple Windows compilation bugs.
Krasimir MarinovFixed a compile bug, and reported a hanging bug. Contributed a patch to improve the predictdistribution tool in the waffles_learn app.
Daniel McEnnisFound a design-flaw in our implementation of k-means.
Bernd MeyerFixed a bug in GLayerConvolutional1D and GLayerConvolutional2D.
Eric MoyerWrote SOM classes, linear assignment classes, distance metrics, lots of restructuring, bug fixing, and maintenance.
Todd MorrisonFixed a bug in SOM, and one in GNeuralNet::autoTune.
Jean-Pierre MoreauContributed some code for linear programming.
Roger PackA few bug fixes, and did some work on the HTTP class.
Vikram RangnekarImproved makefiles for Mac builds.
Vojtech RylkoAdded a tool to visualize random forests.
Sami SallinenFixed an issue in GMatrix that caused a reported memory leak.
Mohamad ShawkeyFixed a bug in GCSVParser::parse.
skn123Found a concurrency bug in GBag, and a memory issue in GAutoFilter.
Mike SmithAdded some recommender system algorithms and helped with code maintentance and structure.
Charlie TurnerImproved transduction API to reduce memory leaks and made several other bug fixes.
Vladimir TzankovImplemented a patch to make GTokenizer work with named pipes. Also, found a bug with serializing GWag.
Tang YanFound a bug in the GDecisionTree class.
Ivan YanikovSubmitted a patch to improve range checking, and fix an uninitialized values bug.

Indirectly contributing projects:

Free hosting for this project from 2005 to 2015 was provided by:

Then, we moved to GitHub:

Thanks to the GNU project for developing
Linux, g++, and other tools used to develop
this code:

Some of our code uses the PNG library to do
image compression:

Some of the demo apps use:

One of our demos uses the bullet rigid-body
physics engine:

And, of course, numerous dedicated researchers
worked hard to develop the algorithms we implement,
and others before them worked to build the
foundations of science upon which they built.

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