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Building on Mac

  1. Install clang or g++. Also install Gnu Make. One way to do this is:
    1. Install Xcode
    2. Click Xcode->Preferences->Downloads
    3. Click the down arrow to install the "Command Line Tools"
    4. (If you prefer not to install Xcode, there are other ways to install these tools, such as with Fink or MacPorts.)

  2. Open a terminal

  3. cd waffles/src

  4. make opt

  5. There are also some additional tools and demo apps that are not built by default because they require some dependency libraries to be installed. If you want to build these, first install:
    	sudo port install libpng
    	sudo port install libsdl-framework
    	sudo port install xorg-libX11
    Then, to build the additional tools:
    	cd waffles/src/depends
    	make opt

    To build the demo apps:
    	cd waffles/demos
    	make opt
    (Some of the demos do not require any dependencies. If you prefer, you can install the dependencies only as needed.)


How do I build optimized binaries?
make opt

How do I build binaries with debug symbols?
make dbg

Where can I get more specific help?
You can ask a question at our forum. If you post a question and you do not get a speedy response, please email me. Sometimes the email that is supposed to notify me that there is a new forum post is incorrectly classified as spam and discarded. My email address is on the main page.

When I run some of the graphical apps, I get an error message about a "bad adaptive filter type" or "extra compressed data".
This appears to be caused by an old bug in the libpng3-dev package. It does not repro with newer versions. You should probably update your OS.

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